Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling ★½


You'd think that all the hot gossip and behind the scenes drama of Don't Worry Darling would at least hint at a layer of spiciness to the film's narrative, but the outrageous press run, complete with Zapruder film spit take analysis, is clearly the most exciting element of this fiasco. Extraneous material aside, Olivia Wilde's latest film is a real miss. It's hard to say whether it's entirely worthless, but it sure feels that way while you're watching it. It's the kind of movie that had me thinking about all the chores I could be doing at home. Even with a decent ensemble cast (Chris Pine is the highlight), it's pretty funny that *this* script brought all these A-listers together. An idiotic, scatterbrained mix of ideas that never fully coheres into anything substantial. Especially in the first hour, the attempts of psychological horror are so half-assed. If Jordan Peele's filmography has productively dismantled films like The Stepford Wives or even Shyamalan's early work, then Don't Worry Darling is a copy of a copy, and it struggles to thrill. A plodding, predictable mystery that eventually (thankfully) ends with a laughable attempt at being ambiguous.

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