Dunkirk ★★★★★


(IMAX 70mm)

Some extra thoughts after a third viewing:

- I try to be someone who doesn't solely commit to the successes of a certain format. How you see a movie certainly affects perception, but it's still the same film. Dunkirk is no different. I've viewed it on 70mm, DCP, and now IMAX 70mm. The feelings and motions and surges of sensation the film carries along a singular wave remains unchanged, but screen-size matters, and IMAX truly traps you as a participant, an observer witnessing just as Nolan constructed it. You cannot escape its energy, its unyielding force, its sinuous mini-visions of larger structures breaking off into their own attempts of survival. No film has utilized such silver-screen space before. Beaches are endless, figures are ants scattered across their little farm, machinery dwarfs the possibilities of the human body on its own. It's absolutely overwhelming, and it should be seen that way if possible, but again, it's just one way out of many.

- Zimmer's score is perfection, but not in the usual sense. I doubt I could ever listen to it outside of the film (Interstellar it is not), but within context, it is *the* necessary foundation, and it churns the stomach, provides the inner-workings of Nolan's suspense imagery interplay.

- The movie practically holds its audience hostage. Even if I needed to leave, I probably couldn't. The wave of sound would launch me against the back wall.

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