House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★½


What a dud. If The Last Duel was Ridley Scott's greatest work in years, House of Gucci is run of the mill formula, a total snoozer. Just in time for Thanksgiving viewing with the extended family. The cynical, satirical ambitions are completely undercut by a wildly inconsistent ensemble cast (Gaga is great, Leto is totally out there but good in his own wacky way, and the rest? ehh) and some of the most slapdash, sloppy directing that Ridley Scott has ever tossed up on screen. This is so aesthetically ugly and conventional, hitting plot point after plot point with a determined lack of finesse and interest in its own story. My ass was in the recliner seat bored out of my mind, just waiting for the typical postscript text to pop up at the end. Ridley can do this kind of movie in his sleep, without a doubt, but House of Gucci begs the question: why does he keep doing it? It certainly isn't the campy blast that certain critics have praised it as. Sure, there are a few laughs here and there, but it's a sub-standard melodrama in practice, with every actor operating on a different wavelength, each struggling to find their own way to breathe fresh air into this lifeless husk of a movie. Ridley die-hards only.

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