Irreversible ★★★★½

I finally was able to finish it. Usually with cinema, my stomach is unbreakable. Blood, gore, violence, abuse, disturbing themes; you name it and I've probably sat through it. However, Irreversible was something different from the very first frame. It wasn't being tasteful, it wasn't being gentle; Gaspar Noe just dove head first into an environment of unspeakable depravity and an eerie sense of broken humanity. He's a provocateur with a message on his side, and it's that contrast that made me stop and start Irreversible throughout the years, always trying it again only to be beaten senseless by its horrific honesty and its dizzying imagery.

Finally having the guts to finish it, I completely understand Noe's point here about the nature of revenge and the loss of a particular kind of innocence. It's extremely hard to watch, but it's beyond essential in its bending of the cinematic language and the startling mix of exploitation and genuine feeling. It may sound strange, but I'm kinda eager to fall into Noe's audacious spell again, no matter how many emotional feels will come about as a result.

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