Jurassic World ★★★★

Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, took me completely by surprise. Both a massive expansion of the original seeds planted by Jurassic Park and a supremely entertaining summer ride, Jurassic World thrives on the grand ideas woven within the franchise's DNA. And just like the obligatory new dinosaur, Jurassic World looks and feels like a hybrid. The result is a film of unevenness and odd subplots, always ready to jump to another quip or in-your-face statement.

And yet, this summer blockbuster transcends it all. Once the shit hits the fan, Jurassic World is as immensely satisfying and FUCK YEAH spectacular than anything that I've seen in quite awhile. It all comes together into a dinosaur epic that works precisely because of its odd mix-ups of tone and its messy flair. Trevorrow directs with a lushly mysterious energy, capturing the theme park and the island with rich colors and ambient noise. Just like any other Jurassic Park film, this is best experienced on the biggest and loudest screen that you can find.

The cast, led by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, is pretty solid in quality throughout, although every actor hits their stride when the intensity amps up. The weak link is Vincent D'Onofrio, proudly spouting dialogue that is both unsubtle and annoyingly out of place. Basically, when it comes to the screenwriting, It's a mess. Some moments work, others fall flat on their face, but the screenplay is the reason why Jurassic World doesn't quite reach a level of greatness that could've been possible.

However, that doesn't mean great sequences aren't around. Anything with the Dinosaurs, which are awesomely prevalent in this sequel, is top-notch. The CGI is somewhat excessive, especially considering the amount of discussion on practical effects during the production of Jurassic World, but almost all of it is visually stunning. As with most of today's CGI, some images look worse than others, but the end product is as seamless as can be.

Overall, Jurassic World is a fantastic summer blockbuster that breaks through its messy conventions and its unsubtle trappings to become something crowd-pleasing and breathtaking. I can't count the times I said "wow" and "HOLY SHIT" during its runtime, and the sold-out audience applauded three times. And not just a few clappers, I'm talking almost everyone. With an absolutely KICK-ASS finale, Chris Pratt continually proving his prowess as a movie-star, and dinosaurs tearing shit up; Jurassic World is a worthy sequel to the original masterpiece and a wondrous trip back into a world of awe and wonder.

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