Onibaba ★★★★½


Wow. This has been on the watch-list for too long, and I'm happy to say it lived up to its reputation. Often similar to thinly-stretched conceptual narratives like The Twilight Zone or even Goosebumps, but immersed in cultural anguish and elemental fears, Onibaba is a gorgeous embodiment of temptation and survival. Its scares are rooted in desperate impressions, moments of cowardice and carnal desires. What might happen if you stray from the wrong path? While not particularly moralistic, it's searing in its depiction of a cursed world that flawed people are forced to grapple with. The photography is devoid of color as if to take any immersion from the viewer; like the setting of the tall grass, the depiction of it is enough to send a chill down the spine.