Parasite ★★★


Second viewing, no change. One of those movies where I stand back and admire it as a whole, and I recognize its influence, crossover appeal, and commercial success, but I nonetheless am left cold, even distant from its construction. Not inclined to make an extensive argument (my original review still stands), but if I did, I would begin by saying that its propulsive genre inclinations often clash against its loftier social ideas, and the smooth mechanics of the narrative make it feel weightless, and often too slick for its own good. Then again, it's so well-made, and so intuitive in its thrills and twists that it's almost annoying how it doesn't click with me. Still has one of the scariest shots in recent memory, that being a ghost which really isn't a ghost at all, and yet Bong Joon-Ho allows the audience to experience that upper-class perspective, if only for us to resent it that much more by the end.

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