Skinamarink ★★★½


Ignore the Blair Witch comparisons. Beyond a few people with their backs turned to the camera, this is structural cinema possessing the multiplex under the guise of cursed YouTube playlists. A cinematic trojan horse if I ever saw one. If you're wondering why this has blown up on TikTok and twitter and basically everywhere, it'll make sense from the first heightened, distorted jump scare, but there's also a brutal sense of patience that is vital to its existence. Skinamarink finds a new way to present 'Scary Car Commercial'. By stretching and manipulating the peaks and valleys of the horror, there's never a moment here that feels safe. Every shadow and darkened corner is a portal, and every portal a gateway. Final twenty minutes or so had me fucked up. Such a vivid collection of the uncanny and the haunted.

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