Star Wars

Star Wars ★★★★★

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The ultimate adventure. Serials, Westerns, sci-fi, and Space Operas are all combined into an utter masterwork of world building, imagination, supreme characters, and bombastic vision.

I love everything about Star Wars. I love the opening shot, I love Darth Vader's first appearance, I love how douchey R2-D2 is, I love the locations, I love the subtle reveal of character, I love the endless display of unique species and worlds, I love the grounded story, I love Han Solo, I love Chewie, I love Luke, I adore Leia, I'm in continuous awe of John WIlliam's score, I love the duel between Vader and Obi-Wan, I love the final battle, I love how it ends, I love every single second of this timeless masterpiece.

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