T2 Trainspotting ★½


The most grievous sin of Danny Boyle's latest razzle-dazzle project isn't of its attempted reclamation of its predecessor's edge or the endless '20 years later' posturing or the already-crumbling basis in nostalgia, but the fact that now whenever someone mentions "T2", they can't only be discussing James Cameron's Terminator 2. Truly, even as a lukewarm appreciator of the original sensation, there's hardly anything here of note. Boyle electrifies some moments to a fever pitch but leaves a lot of it motionless, culminating in a sequel running and running and running from its former self, full of aesthetic pizzazz but never truly getting anywhere. Honestly, there's nothing I love more than watching actors in their mid-40s jump face-first into a lame reenactment of their vital selves, and here we are with a sequel reaching for reconciliation only to scurry back like nothing ever occurred between the characters. Its history is ever-present until it's disregarded like a fart in the wind, and the end product is similarly nonexistent. Choose watching the original Trainspotting instead, and not seeing this one. That's the important part.