The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein ★★★★★


Terror extrapolated; a short life constructed out of fear, anguish, unwanted freedom. A Monster wanders through storybook forests, shadowed mansions, and mad laboratories only to discover love is unattainable beyond the confines of what we're given. Love is life, and on par with the course, it is the doctor and his wife that are spared - let loose as the towering house of creation explodes against the artifice of a stormy night. James Whale was a master of his craft: this is 75 minutes long, and by the end, it'll make you feel the coda of an epic, the heart-string tugs of a romance, the thrill of an adventure, the pain of horror. But all of it is 'movie', and it's a great one of those too.

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