The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★½


I heard this was much "different" than the original Tobe Hooper masterpiece, but I wasn't expecting such a baroque, thinly-cut slice of satire. Hilarious and vicious, this sequel forgoes docudrama terror for vast Carnival-Ride tunnels and Christmas light visions; an underground nightmare oozing blood and guts through vivid imagery. Its set design is an all-time achievement in terms of evoking a sweltering, neon horror. Every last passage and cavern leads to another unspeakable sight. If Hooper sprung the trap on American hysteria in TCM, it is here where the family unit slices and dices its inards.

Dennis Hopper is a legend. Bring it all down indeed.

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