There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

There Will Be Blood is marvelous, simply marvelous. It's awe-inspiring, blood-chilling, scary, beautiful, tense and alive. Hyperbole will be used excessively in this review, but for good reason. There is simply nothing like There Will Be Blood.

The Awesome: Everything. Every frame. Every scene and sequence. If There Will Be Blood was a meal; it would be a scrumptious steak, just waiting to be savored. Daniel Day Lewis is the master, bringing one of the top five greatest performances ever committed to celluloid. He's that incredible. The cinematography is astounding, the music is intense and bracing. The climax is like a nightmare, showing the true depths of the human soul. The absolutely stunning direction by Paul Thomas Anderson elevates this film to classic status. I would easily put this film in the top ten greatest american films of all time. It doesn't just deserve to be ranked among The Godfather and Raging Bull; it DEMANDS that treatment.

The Terrible: Haha, yeah right. Something wrong in this magnificent piece of work? That was the best joke I've heard all week!

Overall, There Will Be Blood is Paul Thomas Anderson's crowning achievement. None of his films are even remotely bad, but this one edges them all out. A perfect film if there ever was one, it's a rush of a movie.

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