X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class ★★★★

X-Men: First Class is a comic book movie done right. Fan-service, great action sequences, fascinating and complex characters, and moments of awkward dialogue and cheese all appear in this X-Men installment. However, Its respect for the characters and material that preceded it makes X-Men: First Class something truly special.

The Awesome: Michael Fassbender. James McAvoy. Wow. After every re-watch, their performances and dedication to their respective characters impress me to no end. Honestly, the final 10 minutes of this movie feel so important, with changes that have consequences throughout the universe. That feeling is rare in a comic-book film anymore. A cameo by a certain character is PERFECT. So, so funny.

The Terrible: Some cheesy conversation and dialogue. Some of the side mutant characters are shoved in, with pointless scenes adding to nothing of weight.

Overall, X-Men: First Class is a great movie period. Simply put, It's awesome.