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  • Locke


    Men are stupid creatures who swear they don’t need to ask for directions, look where it gets them.

  • Mandy


    Cosmatos continues his journey begun with Beyond The Black Rainbow through the bowels of 70s culture, trading new age medicine for weapons-grade LSD and retro-futurism for prog rock album covers come to life, a technicolor odyssey of perverted high fantasy and men made beasts by primal desire fueled by the essence of a culture that epitomized the transcendence of humanity into something “greater”, with enough low culture pleasures to resemble a live-action Heavy Metal movie, wisely eschewing most of the…

  • Noah


    When first preparing for the Aronofsky filmography, this one definitely stuck out like a sore thumb. “Wait, Noah?”, I thought, “that blockbustery bible movie nobody saw?”. Indeed it was confounding and seemingly ill-fitting at the outset, yet five films later it all began to make perfect sense: Aronofsky’s unwavering and fearful attention to religion and god have been an immense presence in his work, and the surrealist nature of the Bible, whether you are a believer or otherwise, depicts a…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    I like the cars vroom vroom