After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

I'd like to personally thank Cinebro for recommending me this film. Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite directors and this is something completely different from anything I would even imagine from him. Had no idea he had a film like this in him. Opposed to the films he usually makes, this is just a fun black comedy. As you expect from a Scorsese film, the direction is marvelous. The acting is really good, especially from Griffin Dunne who was great in the lead. At first his character starts out as kind of a dick, but as the film progressed and after seeing all the shit he'd been through I just felt really bad for the guy. It was also cool seeing Catherine O' Hara and Teri Garr (two of my favorite actresses) as well as Cheech and Chong (two of my favorite stoners). The writing is an interesting, funny and fun piece. It's very strange, but highly rewarding. This is easily Scorsese's most underrated and underseen film, but it deserves a lot more praise than it's been given over the years.

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