Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

Holy Hell. Why has it taken me this long to watch this masterpiece?

I dug the Hell out of this movie. Hell, I loved it. Definitely one of Spielberg's best and more underrated films. It works as both a stunning sci-fi tale and a compelling drama. Seeing Take Shelter beforehand, it seemed to be inspired by this film since both deal with a man on the brink of madness as well as playing with the theme of paranoia and saying this did a fantastic job doing that (and everything else) would be sorta an understatement.

The performances are terrific, especially from Richard Dreyfuss who really blew me away. The visuals, to this day, still look amazing and breathtaking. Very impressive by 1977 standards and they still look great in 2012. It's beautiful. The cinematography is stunning. The story is mesmerizing not only with the aliens but in terms of the human drama, it's very captivating. The suspenseful is paced well and it actually gave me chills at times. The John Williams score is, as always, outstanding. I cannot praise this film highly enough.

This was a wonderful film experience that still holds up well to this day, at least it does for me. Thought-provoking, mesmerizing, innovative, captivating, groundbreaking, suspenseful, just all around amazing. There's a reason this is considered a classic.

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