Schindler's List ★★★★★

Liam Neeson is the greatest badass this generation has to offer. He's played so many badass characters over the years. He was Rob Roy. He was Darkman. He was Bryan Mills. He was the voice of a big ass lion. Plus, how many actors can say they trained Obi-Wan Kenobi AND Batman? In this film, he plays the most badass character he's ever played: Oskar Schindler. Not only because he's a real person, but what's more badass than a German risking his life and saving thousands of Jews?

Seriously all jokes aside, this film was incredible. It's so depressing yet so real. You can tell Steven Spielberg and the rest of the crew really cared about making this film because everyone just pours their hearts and souls into this piece. The acting is excellent. Liam Neeson gives his best performance here and everyone else is just as amazing, especially Ralph Fiennes gives such a chilling and terrifying performance that really sticks out. There is no actor in this film that gives a performance that is any less than outstanding. The black and white cinematography looks stunning. As fascinating and beautiful as this is to watch, it's extremely hard to watch but it's also hard not to. Spielberg doesn't sugarcoat anything in this film and nothing feels forced on the viewer. It's genuinely heartbreaking and horrifying and he handles it all so wonderfully.

I'd like to personally thank AdamMcA for recommending me this masterpiece. There are very few films out there I would ever call perfect, but this would be one of them. A beautifully tragic achievement in filmmaking that is a must see for everyone.

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