The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★

I'd like to personally thank David Valkenet for recommending this film to me. While I don't love it as much as you do, it was certainly an "interesting" experience.

This ranks up there with some of the strangest films I've ever seen. Without a real narrative story, it's a bunch of vignettes of some very surreal and symbolic imagery. It's certainly a feast on the eyes. It's a very ambitious film filled with beautiful images. Problem is, to me, it gets a little tedious after a while. Tedious that near the middle, it was clear it was going to be one strange vignette after another that I neither understood or cared for. It never truly engaged me. It began promising with some very interesting images, but after some time, it quickly dissolved into nonsense. When I say nonsense, I mean that I didn't really understand much of it. Some symbolism is more obvious than others but most of the time I couldn't comprehend some of the things I saw and a lot of the time it felt it was going for pure shock value and not symbolism at all. Could it be that I just didn't understand this film? Could be. Will I ever watch this again? Absolutely, just not anytime soon. It'll probably be years down the line before I see it again.

Thanks again Dave for recommending it. It's a slight disappointment, but it's still wonderful to look at. I just hoped it would be just as fascinating to think about as it was to see.

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