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  • Possession
  • Mulholland Drive
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  • The Tell-Tale Heart


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  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In


    Despite this being a vampire movie, it isn't a horror flick. It's a love story about two kids that are having trouble fitting in to society. It's a movie about isolation, loneliness and being perceived as different by those around you, until one day, you find the person who will accept you for who you are without asking any questions. The sequence of grotesque events is so outrageous that it is almost, but not quite, funny.

  • 37 Seconds

    37 Seconds

    It's hard for me to write a review with a lot of details because I am also disabled and it takes me a lot of time and energy to do so. That being said, it is not hard for me to sympathize with the struggle Yuma is facing, because I, myself, have to go through a similar experience.

    This movie is the definition of why I love Japanese cinema - Their movies are about people, people who actually exist in…