Midsommar ★★★

Yeah, i don't really get the hype for this one. I mean, its gorgeously shot, and the performance from Florence Pugh is outstanding, but everything else around it felt kinda meh to me.

Its a long, slowly paced movie that offers neither enough new stuff, nor does anything that phenomenal with the worned-out (but still, disturbing) material. For most of the movie, you're just meandering around the commune, seeing the rituals, and the first true "shocking" moment only occurs 1 hour into the movie. The characters are just not developed in interesting ways (despite the interesting set-up given to their relationships), and the attempts at creating suspense, few as they are, mostly fall flat for me. There are moments that work at creating a sinister atmosphere, but come too infrequently. There's some humor, but i also think i laughed at moments where i was not supposed to. The movie just appears to take itself too seriously - like later on when, predictably, shit starts to hit the fan, Ari Aster still doesn't let go of the slowness, even though we all know whats happening, and we're waiting for it to do something different, and in the end it kinda does, but its just too late. I didn't care much anymore, even though it ends on a disturbing note, by that time, i was a little over it. Its like, i get it, i get what you're saying, but you could have easily done it on a less over-indulgent way.

And, no spoilers, but the bear suit just made laugh out loud and if you've seen the Wicker Man remake with Nic Cage, you know why.

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