Persona ★★★½

This is a lot to take in. First take away is the amazing cinematography, the close-ups, the weird sense of unease but also comfort. It all invites the viewer to try to decode these images, the more intriguing they get.
I felt the movie sort of deflated by the end though, especially after a very indulging scene where Bergman just repeats the same scene we just watched except from a different angle, because... reasons? Thats where it goes over the line with the pretentiousness and kinda lost me. The ending also left me cold, like the ideas didn't reach its full potential. But maybe i just have to think more about it, and i'm sure i'll do that. Eventually. For now i'm going with this, fully aware that i might be getting it wrong. Also, i'm counting this as a Halloween watch, i don't care, its creepy ok

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