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  • The Mourning Forest

    The Mourning Forest


    Japanuary 2021 - Naomi Kawase

    Beautifully shot but emotionally vacant. The calm meditative atmosphere full of green trees, gentle breeze, and sunshine feels tangible, but the characters and their journeys absolutely do not, especially once they go to the forest halfway through after which this film lost me. It has surprisingly little substance as well and doesn't really say anything meaningful about grief, loss, and our relationship with nature that you wouldn't already assume from reading the synopsis. It felt…

  • Pornostar



    Japanuary 2021 - Toshiaki Toyoda

    I feel like a total degenerate for loving this so much but I really think I stumbled upon something of an underground gem here. Chihara Junia kills his role because his protagonist is iconic and reminded me quite a bit of Travis Bickle, not only in terms of appearance but his bizarre vigilantism and character arc as well. His raincoat, bloodied face & shirt, bag of knives that he carries around, and the complete apathy in…

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  • Black Rain

    Black Rain


    Black Rain deserves more love. The neon-lit visuals are so surreal and beautiful to look at- almost way too good for a film like this, actually. It looks like Blade Runner's little brother, even if Black Rain is nowhere near as sophisticated. Japan looks breathtaking here, although the culture seems to almost be as fetishized as it was in movies like The Wolverine. The plot is nothing too special despite some interesting turns here and there, and there is one…

  • House



    Japanuary 2021 - Nobuhiko Ōbayashi

    What an insane and unique movie... imagine Evil Dead 2 filtered through a '70s Japanese acid lens and you get something along the lines of House. I love how deliberately campy and artificial the entire movie is - everything from the sets & special effects to the sense of humor are injected with so much color and creativity that the experience feels like a complete dream. It's consistently so fun and surprising to watch as you…