Suspiria ★★★½

Ballet school in 77 Germany gets a new pupil and things get weird and nasty - beautiful and brutal and strange - it's political and personal and thoughtful and gut grabbing - strong work.

Longer review on release: This remake of Dario Argento’s seventies shocker combines modern dance and horror in an exploration of the connections between art, feminine power, control and revenge. It’s a visually beautiful film, and there are sequences that are astounding in their impact – particularly any of the dance sequences. But for some reason it never quite grabbed me emotionally or on a primal level – this is horror as thesis statement, for me, rather than something I feel deep in my soul. I can recognise intellectually the excellence in a lot of this (Tilda Swinton stands out in two very different roles) and it’s never dull to watch. But for some reason I come away from it recognising the skill and art involved, but never quite feeling it. It’s well made, and I’d never call it empty or soul-less, but it’s still a little too distant for me to take to my heart.

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