Enola Holmes ★★★

When i first heard Henry Cavill would portray Sherlock Homes in this, i was hooked. i hadn’t even seen the trailer and was still excited to see how it turned out. After watching the movie the other night, i can say i thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite its issues. it’s far from a perfect movie but in my book, it’s a really fun time. It has a lot of charm and wit to it and while it’s story is bit basic and cliche, it never fails to entertain.

Millie Bobbie Brown was great as Enola and i have to say this is one of her best performances and maybe my favorite to date. Cavill as Sherlock was a scene stealer for me and id love to see a series or movie with him as the lead. the movie faults with some character development and it’s a bit too tongue and cheek sometimes but overall it doesn’t have too many faults to aside from what i’ve mentioned before.

overall it’s a great family movie and a fun one time watch that’ll entertain most everyone that likes a good mystery. it has some problems but those never hold the movie back from being delightful and witty. 

*sorry for the lack of reviews lately, i’ve been caught up watching The Boys and Harley Quinn and playing Shotgun Farmers

“Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks”

score: 70%

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