Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

2017 was an amazing year for film. We had The Meyerowitz Stories which was the best depiction of family. It has so much to say about relationships in families. Shape of Water was the best love film. The best thing about it was how Guillermo Del Toro tells us that we should love who we love, and not care about what other people say. Elisa saw The Amphibian Man as who he was. Three Billboards portrayed humans, and how every character in the film had a bad side, and a good side of themselves. And then we had Good Time.

Whilst Three Billboards showed humans and The Meyerowitz Stories family, this one is a little more specific. Brotherhood. 

Connie is what you would describe as the scum of society. He is manipulating. He manipulate people into doing things for him, even small things such as a phone call. He is a criminal and he thinks like a criminal. He tries to cheat his girlfriend into let her mom paying for the rest of Nick’s caution (while Connie is telling her that he will get them back as soon as he possibly can, another sign of him being manipulative), and he robbs a bank. He is violent. He will, with pleasure, beat up a guy and just give him another punch. He is a liar and a backstabbing prick. Connie is a horrible human being. He could not care less about other people. And he will do all the everything to reach his goal, which is to get his brother out of jail.

And that is why he has our sympathy. He loves his brother, and he is not afraid to tell him, even though he is mentally handicapped, Connie would do everything for his brother. Connie puts his brother’s needs before his own. Everything Connie does after Nick is put to jail has something to do with getting his brother out. Everything I mentioned Connie is, he did to get Nick out of jail.

The last shot Connie broke me. (Mild spoilers ahead) Even on my 3rd watch, this still gets me. It’s Connie reflecting over what he achieved over that night. It’s Connie reflecting over his future. It’s Connie thinking of Nick, his brother, and that he let him down. Connie let down the only one he cares about, and will get the chance of really loving.

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