Masculin Féminin

Masculin Féminin ★★★★½

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Masculin Féminin is 12 more or less unconnected segments all featuring love in some weird form. Love can be many things, and Masculin Féminin can at many points be drawn to a parrallel with Jean-Luc Godard’s own values in life.

An uknown morning while being interviewed and drinking coffee, Godard said the famous sentence; I’m addicted to cinema.
For Jean-Luc Godard, cinema is one of the big things in life. He also had many relationships with women over the years, and thats just two of the things explores with Masculin Féminin, but rather than only taking personal experiences and portraying them, Godard explores what’s around him in the modern French society tenderness, conscience, gender roles, alienation and urban culture too.

Masculin Féminin is a rare piece of youth and coming of age, and love; love in all kind of shapes. A Godardesque moodboard over everything in love.

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