Naked ★★★½

Watched it with Matthew; to live up to his reputation as a nihilistic prick, he loved it. Me, myself, I liked. Almost found it unnecassary bleak as it lacked plot-development, but inbetween all the desolation and dismality, the film is being critical of society in a, sometimes, rather hilarious way. 

Naked is grotesque and morbid especially by testing it’s audience and making them feel worse than they already do by making them laugh at some things you should not laugh at... maybe thats just me, because I find posh accents funny. 

David Thewlis is at his best here. A performance worth to be studied. When you already feel disturbed by Naked, his character's life aspect will come forward and you will instantly feel even more dreary. 

And that is where I think Naked doesnt exactly work for me. All the nihilism doesnt give me a hard-on, Johnny's depressing thoughts doesnt make me look at the world in another aspect, even considered how grim Mike Leigh directed this ballad.

What else is there to say... oh yeah, what a knock out of a score.

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