Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

I can’t say I’m disappointed because I never expected anything. It looked mediocre at best, and of course like a total cash grab. 
It works best when it presents stories that we don’t know anything about. Not even Ron Howard succeeds to make those parts unpredictable, which was a huge shame. The man had nothing to work with. The script is for sure one of the worst of all time. The script is corny, unintelligent and predictable. The card scenes are the worst I have ever seen? The way they are rushed and unrealistic is abhorrent, and Donald Glover & Alden Ehrenreich’s reactions were total bullshit. Those guys probably had a lot of fun on the set, not probably, thats for sure. They are playing themselves with no esteem for the characters Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. Thats probably the most frustrating part of Solo: A Star Wars Story. How little respect it has for what it had to work with. At points, it seems like an unoriginal standalone film, with no traces to any other Star Wars film.
It’s unoriginal, unexciting, predictable, unnecessary and bland as fuck.

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