Pig ★★★★★

Quite shocked by how Debra Granik-esque this is in its compassion and warmth. Given its premise and star, Pig knows exactly what you’d more or less expect it to be: another John Wick or Mandy type of genre exercise, but it instead chooses to be something far more melancholic and soulful. In only his first feature, co-writer/director Michael Sarnoski shows so much maturity, restraint, and sensitivity in how he handles this type of material, which is really something to be commended. And Nicolas Cage has proven on more than several occasions that he should be taken more seriously as a performer, but this is probably the absolute best he’s ever been, doing so much with his eyes alone; a truly affecting performance, likely the best I’ve seen this year so far. Alex Wolff is also fantastic here. Lovely cinematography, editing, and scoring as well.

Absolutely wonderful, especially for a first-time feature. If you go into Pig with an open mind and no set expectations, I assure you that you’ll end up greatly appreciating what it has to offer. One of the absolute best films of the year. Beautiful opening and ending, too.

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