Annette ★★★★½

So much happening all of the time in this, a total maniacal quasi-sentimental tragi-comedy of ego and all things Sparks. The sneaky emotional brutality of their music creeps into this at intervals, and it's perhaps found its ideal visual match in Carax's sickly nocturnal world of neon greenness. As a filmmaker who draws as much from the past as he does from the future of narrative moviemaking, the grandiose scale at play here is anchored by the Brothers Mael's silly bathos; see the scene where the eponymous baby makes her final performance atop an inverted pyramid vs. when her dad is babysitting for her, and try not to be charmed by the range on display here. Indeed though, there's so much here that it'll be knocking around in my head for a very long time, and it needs at least a couple of watches before I can say anything constructive about its mad collaborative vision.

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