Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

Yeah, it gets a pass from me.

Only just though, mainly because of the darker second half where the film becomes less afraid to confront the horrors of fascism and the occasional kindness of the human spirit, like a good film about World War II should. It is a lot of hard work getting to that point though, with the overtly cute tone inflecting pretty much every character, no matter how sinister they're supposed to be. Of course Taika's Hitler gets some laughs out of sheer line delivery, but overall, he misfires massively by casting himself. It's too anacronistic, too clever-clever. I think what this material needed was either, A) a darker, more spiteful tone, or B) a German director, directing in German. As it is, it's a Wes Anderson-lite, teen-friendly fable about fascism in action, but it doesn't really depict it, aside from a couple of slightly shocking developments. Calling itself a 'satire' doesn't help either, since you can't really satirise the Nazis. You can point and laugh, or make a comedy featuring them, but a 'satire'? Raus hier, mann.