Mandibles ★★★★

One or two overextended scenes of Adele Exarchopoulos screaming her lungs out aside, I found this perfectly formless Dupieux vehicle totally relaxing and involving. From moment to moment, there's no real way to call where it's going, precisely because of the decisions that this chooses not to take. Like, this thing is barely about a giant fly, exactly in the way that Good Time is barely about Robert Pattinson trying to break his brother out of prison; it's about the routes that the stupid characters go on while they amble from one lie to another. It's that endearing smallmindedness that puts a lot of fuel in the tank here, letting the story trundle along at its own pace without feeling the need to exploit its logline to the nth degree. Even the eponymous mandibles are so throwaway that you have to respect Dupieux for just letting the story vibe itself out instead of milking it for everything its worth. A weirdly spot-on sleepy Sunday evening viewing.

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