Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

"Spraaaannggg breeeeeaaaakkk...sprrrraaaannnng brrrrrreeeeaaaakkk...sppprrrrraaaaannnngggg brrrreaaakkk forever." - Alien

This is the goddamn cinematic dream. This is my cinematic dream, y'all! All this sheeyit! Look at this sheey-it! It's got...it's got COLOUR PALETTES! Every goddamn colour! It's got Disney actresses! It's got people with gold teeth. Frickin' VAM-pires. It's got dialogue. On ree-peet. DIALOGUE ON REE-PEET. Constant, y'all! It's got Cliff Martinez! Drive's Cliff Martinez! Mix it up with Skrillex. Sounds nice? IT SOUNDS NICE! That ain't a opening sequence; that's a goddamn art piece. It's goddamn scene-setter! Jersey Shore on this sheey-it. It goes to different echelons of cult classics on this sheey-it! The girls' and James Franco's performances here, they take off. TAKE OW-FF! Look at this sheey-it. Look at this sheey-it! It's got its blue bikinis. It's got its SLO-MO! It's got style; it's got different colours. It's got them cars. Look at that sheey-it, it's got cars. It's got different pairs of shades! Look at this sheey-it! This ain't nuttin', Korine's got HOURS of this sheey-it! It's got a dark sense of humour...lay out by the TV, laugh along with the dark sense of humour...it's got awesome word fonts...look at this, look at this sheey-it here! Look at this sheey-it! Huh? A goddamn masterpiece up in this sheey-it!

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