The Place Beyond the Pines

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This review may contain spoilers.

"Not since Hall and Oates has there been such a team." - Luke Glanton

This film reminds me of a three-course meal, but with the structure of that fulfilling experience being muddled up. It's like it begins with the main course: that rich, delicious roast dinner with all the trimmings, and the part that you pay the price of eating out in the restaurant for. Then comes your dessert: that ice-cool dollop of ice cream with the initial tartness then warming sweetness of a slice of homemade apple pie that really makes any brain-freeze you might encounter worthwhile. By this point in the meal, you're all full up, but here comes the starter in any case: those slices of melon that you don't really need at this point, but hey, it's melon, so you eat it anyway, which ultimately leaves you wanting the main course again, and if you look at the story in its whole epic scope, leads on to exactly that. The Place Beyond the Pines is exactly like going to your favourite restaurant and doing that.

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