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  • Absentia



    Kept my interest conceptually but why does it have to look so ugly? I get the budget but this is just ugly

  • Dogtooth



    😳 UM chile anyways so...

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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    Did I dream you dreamed about me? 

    There’s a lot I love about this film, but I think Lynch perfected what he was trying to do here with Mulholland Drive. Still it is so effortlessly cool and gritty, the soundtrack is top tier as well, it features maybe my favorite song ever? and there are many jaw dropping moments too. Big Meshes of the Afternoon and Carnival of Souls vibes.

  • Possession



    Arthouse epic that is able to masterfully switch from devastatingly real to terrifyingly otherworldly at the drop of a hat. While being super camp and hilarious as well. Beautifully scored, photographed, and acted. On my fourth viewing I do feel like it could’ve been 20 minutes shorter, but it is so packed with great moments that I cant really complain. And always after watching you realize how fucked up and hard-hitting it actually is. Also I quote so many lines of this in my head all the time it’s not even funny.