Persona ★★★★★

“Life oozes in from all sides. You’re forced to react. No one asks whether it’s genuine or not, whether you’re lying or telling the truth. Questions like that only matter in theater, and hardly even there... I think you should play this part until it’s played out, until it’s no longer interesting, you can drop it like you drop your other roles,” 

Fuck me, y’all weren’t kidding.

After one viewing, there is no way in hell I will be able to unpack all of this, especially considering it’s been only a few minutes since my viewing, but I’m confident in saying that Ingmar Bergman is a goddamn genius. Reflections of his work can be found throughout even contemporary cinema so strongly, and so much of that work is rooted here. If I had to state what I think the thesis for ‘Persona’ is, it’s that Ingmar Bergman is so enamored and in love with the art of filmmaking and it’s limitless potential, that he is convinced the only way to truly know someone, inside and out, to understand and comprehend the soul of another, is through film itself, and attempts to prove such a thing here. 

And to keep myself from rambling on about how much I love literally every single element of this movie, so that I can watch it again one day, think about it endlessly for the next few days, to maybe write about it in the future in more detail, and so that I don’t come across as a stereotypical amalgamate of cinephilic buzzwords and overwrought praise that could never do the work in question adequate justice, I’ll just say this: I think he succeeded in his goals.

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