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  • On Death Row

    On Death Row


    Herzog’s filmography functions beautifully as a compendium for the human experience. There are few experiences on earth quite like that of a death row inmate. The subjects of this series have nothing left in their lives but to contemplate and dream. Never has a subject been a better match for an artist.

    Herzog is extremely blunt in this one, almost leading and manipulative at times. I would attribute this to the extremely short window of time he had with the…

  • White Hell of Pitz Palu

    White Hell of Pitz Palu


    I've long thought it would be cool to be an expert on German Alpine films. I'd never actually seen one until today, they've just always struck me as such an intriguing proposition. What better time to begin the journey than in the midst of a beautiful snowstorm?

    This one absolutely delivered on my self-generated hype. It's like seeing a proto-blockbuster! I'll watch films from any era and in any language. But for most eras in cinema, I do generally prefer…

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  • Father Ted: A Christmassy Ted

    Father Ted: A Christmassy Ted


    "Oh, great! So a Protestant is better than me?!"

    When I first watched this last summer, I was tripping so hard on shrooms that it became a totally confounding experience. Particularly when the priests are lost in the lingerie experience and it becomes a Vietnam War homage. My brain could not make any sense of it.

    I feel like Ted's petty approach to the acceptance speech of his Golden Cleric Award was the direct inspiration for Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction speech.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    "You're always in the garden. Even Jesus wasn't always in the garden, on his knees sweating blood. He was on the mountain. He was in the marketplace. He was in the temple. But you, you're always in the garden. For you, every hour is the darkest hour."

    Perhaps the most cathartic viewing experience of my life. I can best describe it as a “religious experience” without the religion. Albeit whilst watching a film grappling with religion.

    My biggest takeaway this…

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  • Lenny Cooke

    Lenny Cooke


    My recent 30th birthday felt more like a funeral than anything else. Something about that number just feels like the death of all youthful promise. I never possessed anything quite so special as Lenny Cooke, but I certainly had the tools to be something much more than I am. I've spent the subsequent months somberly eulogizing my life. A eulogy never feels like it amounts to much, even for a rich, full life. Watching Lenny's own 30th birthday party felt…

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    As much as the character of Borat is about unearthing the hatred lurking just beneath the surface, I found that this film revealed the depth of humanity we all possess. The complex nature of all humans, good and bad, usually within the same vessel.

    The QAnon duo that house Borat represent just about everything that I oppose, yet I still found myself rooting for them. They were clearly brimming with enthusiasm and life, only pointed in a horrifying and damaging…