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  • Helter Skelter
  • Demons
  • 37 Seconds
  • Untamed Woman

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  • Black Mother

    Black Mother


    This was a whole experience! Nobody's doing work like Khalik Allah. Nobody. This is rare and immersive art that's as raw as it is precious. Goddamn, I loved this.

    Black Mother is Khalik Allah’s exploration of Jamaica (his mother’s homeland), and is something akin to a “visual diary” that features a diverse tapestry of beautiful Black folk (from children to sex workers to vendors, and many more) as well as a wide array of conversations that include discussions regarding common…

  • Carmen & Lola

    Carmen & Lola


    Carmela Y Lola is a perceptively tender tale about two teens who unwittingly embark on a thorny journey of love and liberation.

    Writer/director Arantxa Echevarria imbues this film with a palpable sense of authenticity that makes the viewing experience uncommonly precious. What a feature film debut!

    Top 7 reasons why I love and appreciate this movie:

    🔑 Defies the male gaze as well as effectively exposes/critiques repulsive patriarchal values, mores, and expectations that oppress girls/women. (Seriously, fuck the patriarchy.🖕🏿)


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  • Cold Hell

    Cold Hell


    Cold Hell is my type of gritty revenge thriller!

    The premise is simple: A woman, Ozge, witnesses a serial killer's horrific murder of a neighbor. Worse, Ozge makes eye contact with the serial killer, which motivates the misogynistic religious nut to make Ozge his next target. However, he unwittingly makes himself a target for her in the process...

    This movie absolutely thrives when the game of cat and mouse between Ozge and the killer is actually afoot. (I still appreciate…

  • Kidnapped



    In a nutshell, Secuestrados (Kidnapped) is about a rich family with z e r o surviving skills who are held hostage. It starts out exactly as you expect it would: interesting-enough but filled with awkward and frustrating moments that make you want to scream at the TV due to poor decision-making by those held captive.

    Things eventually take "a turn"--more than once--that elevate Secuestrados from your more average, forgettable survival/home invasion thriller fare to something a bit surprising, more grim,…

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  • Malignant


    I think watching this shit stew gave me cancer.

    I'm too exhausted and too disinterested to parse why this didn't work for me. Instead, I will simply say that, for me, Malignant is a mind-numbingly idiotic campfest that's laughable and atrocious on every conceivable level.

    Are C-movies a thing? I don't want to disrespect B-movies. This had C-movie vibes.

    Ugh. Goddammit. I hate going to sleep right after having an unpleasant moviegoing experience. 😤😞

  • Possession



    Welp, I've found another "classic" that doesn't work for me.

    Possession is trippy and bizarre and extraordinarily "extra" in ways that I think I needed to be on some great psychedelic drugs to actually appreciate.

    As it stands, I simply found this to be daffy, delirious, and extremely exhausting due to the endlessly absurd hysterics and hammy acting. By the halfway point, I began checking how much time was left about every 10-15 minutes, impatiently waiting for it to finally…