The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

Watched this last night. I'm still wowed by it.

The Florida Project is so special, so precious, so unique, so refreshing, and possesses an exuberance that's layered with tragedy.

What really accentuates all the above qualities is how, from beginning to end, this film is framed with a palpable sense of unadulterated authenticity.

The filmmaking in this is simply phenomenal. The I can't think of any other movie that really rivals the level of child-acting displayed in this. Their performances--especially Moonee (Brooklynn Prince)--were incredibly raw, bursting with childlike wonder, and drenched in rambunctious mischievousness. It was so excellent.

I felt transported into this rollercoaster of a world and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I was hooked. This movie had me cracking up and smiling throughout the majority of it; but it also made me feel the feels. I'm so in love with this movie. Damn. Goddamn, what an amazing experience.

(Note: Throughout my life, I associated with, grew up around, and "know" many kids and adults like those represented as occupying these motels. What this film depicts is soooooo realistic!)

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