Blue Valentine ★★★★

Been on the watchlist for a while, just by pure word of mouth. I really didn't know anything about it other than it's romance.

It's about romance, and also the opposite. It's another fantastic, ugly look at this thing we call love. It's very real, some great dialogue and delivery from the actors. The performances from Gosling and Williams were phenomenal. Seriously some powerhouse stuff going on. When they woke up from a hangover, they actually looked like they had just woken up from a hangover. Plus this has some of the most impactful edits of the century. That's quite the high praise there.

Romance films usually just dip their feet into the downside of love. The downside that the filmmakers behind this seem to guarantee, that love will not last. And it's a scary thought from a little man like myself. While it was slow in the beginning I was still watching and hooked. Then things just spiral out. I don't even know whose side I'd be on, or am on. But I think that's the point.

Rumance Films

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