Dunkirk ★★★★½

My feelings have pretty much cemented now.

One of the most highly intense and beautifully, terrifying war films of our time. It carves it's own version of a war film into a bold and unconventional cinematic experience. So it is very hard to judge it when it's unavoidable to compare it to other war films. So in that case, it all works. To the characters, setting, sound design, the authentic props and vehicles, and being put directly in the planes- in the boats- and drowning in the water. Survival isn't fair.

And now onto the time jumping aspect. Is it necessary? I don't know. I'm not that smart to wholly decide. In some cases I think it works- there is no down time and it all leads to one epic build up of tension. But it is also is seriously confusing every time. I've seen it three times now and I thought I had it all figured out on the second watch- but questions just keep getting raised. Mostly with Cillian Murphy's character path and boats. So I don't know.

Oh- a big complaint I saw when this was released was not being able to tell the soldiers apart. From the first viewing I didn't have that problem so....that's a subjective matter I guess..?..

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