Upgrade ★★★★

Heard all the positive buzz around and I'm glad that's what drove me to see this. At the very least I expected to like it, but what I got was more. It was an upgrade from what I was expecting...

When you explain the plot with just the basics, it seems cliche. Which it is, but all the details and specifics about it make it a great new ride. Knock-off Tom Hardy was good again, I really liked him in The Invitation. The aesthetic of it was all real cool too. Like it was made in the 70s--I love that. It's hard hitting with a driving story that keeps us on edge and guessing. Plus again, some greatly needed cautionary advice on this technology stuffs we got going on. It's scary how this is set in the future, but there's a lot of stuff we have now and don't think twice about using. Towards the end it got more twisty than it needed to be I think, but then the actual end came and that was what sold me.

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