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  • Raise the Red Lantern
  • Lady Bird
  • Phantom Thread
  • Adaptation.
  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

Members of SINEGANG

32 films

Check the notes to see the members of SINEGANG and where you can reach them.

  • The Cranes Are Flying
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  • La Notte
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
  • Landscape in the Mist
  • Ratatoing
  • Kisapmata
  • Tickled
  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne
  • In the Realm of the Senses
  • Come and See
  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • Still Walking
  • Man with a Movie Camera
  • Die Tomorrow
  • Come and See
  • Still Walking
  • Holy Motors
  • Senior Year
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour


27 films

sinegang /ˈsɪnêɡaŋ/ noun

a group of Filipino Letterboxd users who take their knowledge of films through competitive game nights, in-depth…

  • Odyssey: Alongside The Universe
  • SUN
  • Dear Ma

SINEGANG Creatives

3 films

A list of films Sinegang members made that are on Letterboxd. Links where you can watch and the creatives' Letterboxd…