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  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth

    - It was autumn, October, and we would just take long walks and... get takeout and watch videos at my apartment. I had that... basement apartment, at the time, so once you were inside, no light could get in. So you could just... never even see when the sun came up. I loved that apartment. But then, after... a few... six weeks, him and his girlfriend started to get back together, and... he just shut me out. We had class…

  • Living in Oblivion

    Living in Oblivion

    best film ever made by a human being

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  • The Consequences of Feminism

    The Consequences of Feminism

    Film School Drop Outs - Week 1: Pioneers of film, Alice Guy

    Today my mother and I had to repair a kitchen faucet that had a broken cartridge. We went to a depot to buy a new cartridge and the attendant, an old man, told us: I'll send you a guy who knows how to repair it.
    No, you won't. We took the cartridge and fucking repaired it ourselves. We have brains, hands, tools, diplomas, we are inteligent, sensible, strong…

  • Os Homens Que eu Tive

    Os Homens Que eu Tive

    não admira que esse filme tenha sumido, ou melhor, que tenha "sido" sumido. revolucionário