The Holy Mountain ★★½

Unparalleled craziness.

The film is half symbolism, and half nonsense. There are some broad, skin deep jabs at the government/ religion and other things that any Buñuel film has done better, but at least the film does have some insane visuals to boast.

Then come the random and unneeded things like the Temple of 1000 testicles, a tumor that bleeds purple when cut and an octopus is removed, and perhaps the best, a man's boobs (there are certain things you just have to kind of go with even at the start) transform into the heads of leopards and shoot milk out of their mouths. I'm not saying that all isn't some silly fun, but I can't take anything from that. There is nothing to say about those things and I'd be able to come up with similar things if only I had some LSD.

The worst parts of the film are towards the end (I didn't much care for the 4th wall breaking, psudo intellectual ending itself) and whenever it tries too hard to be "edgy" or simply grotesque for the sake of being grotesque. It's definitely unique, I'll give it that. Although, I'm not sure my wife is going to trust me to pick what to watch anymore.

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