Lamb ★★★★

Spooktober Movie #4

What at first seems like the savior to their family, (uncioncidentally being a lamb born on the 25th of December) soon leads to the lynch pin to a moral tale of rebelling against order and nature and it's coincidences. A lamb being the child to humans seems wrong doesn't it? Hitting on your brothers wife seems wrong doesn't it? Well maybe nature itself has to course correct when we, the humans, embrace destruction of that level for our own coping mechanisms, our own pleasure, our own fulfillment.

LAMB is a film everyone around me has critisized for lacking events and feeling unsatisfactory. I feel it's a very slow paced film that respects your attention to the upmost degree and makes great intentional choices with its story. I had to watch it a second time to completely know what I felt about it but I can certainly say that I love it now. I found it far more emotionally satisfying when I realized more fully what it was about and what it was saying.

The direction and technical execution is superb at every moment of the film. It's beautiful, too, and it feels like an example of what I want my movies to look like. Acting is great (even the animals somehow.) There is so much constant room for interpretation and it's always leaving small gaps that the audience must fill in themselves rather than spoon feeding them.

Yes it's slow but it's completely worth the experience and I love it.

Highly recommend.

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