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    Daily Horror Hunt #57 / 26 Mar 2023 / 7 character title

    Somewhat clumsy ending(s) aside, this was a good one. The story starts quickly and has weight beyond expectation, and it hits you with well-designed scare after well-designed scare. Great sound design, camerawork and editing as well, with a couple nice misdirects too. Wish I had seen this closer to release, as there isn't much of a novelty factor twenty-ish years later, but this holds up well regardless.

  • The Nest

    The Nest


    Daily Horror Hunt #57 / 25 Mar 2023 / Released in May (USA)

    In the battle between mutant cockroaches, bloodied corpses and maple syrup on feet, maple syrup on feet easily wins the prize for grossest thing in this movie.

    Otherwise, there's a decent amount of gory fun scurrying around, and Terri Treas' masochistic, psychopathic geneticist is a great character, but the so-so story is really dragged down by the weight of its unmotivated human drama subplots. Besides padding the…

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  • Peeping Tom

    Peeping Tom


    Daily Horror Hunt #56 / 8 Feb 2023 / Obsession

    A tragic villain to be pitied and a range of interesting characters made this a memorable watch, and I really liked its smart integration of backstory and clever writing, among other things. It can feel dated at times, and I struggled a bit with its score of cacophonous keys, but as a whole this holds up quite well.

  • The Outwaters

    The Outwaters


    Daily Horror Hunt #56 / 24 Feb 2023 / Science fiction

    What an absolute freaking nightmare. Not since Annihilation (2018) have I felt true horror to this degree. There's a whole lot of preamble and I strongly disliked what they did with the last few minutes, but on a purely visceral and emotional level I found the bulk of the desert action to be utterly terrifying. The unimaginable fright and disorientation it portrays struck a nerve with me in a…