A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★

Plunging us into the same world where the danger of the smallest noise becomes a moment of tension, A Quiet Place Part II takes place seconds after the first film, give or take the prequel prologue that restates the stakes. But if the original expressed what a parent is willing to do to save their children, the second is about letting those children come into their own. The postapocalyptic tropes are recognizable - the dregs of humanity turning on each other, a pilgrimage to the one safe enclave, etc. - but Krasinski has put a fresh coat of paint on it. His character's absence is only partially filled by Cillian Murphy as a reluctant hero who has lost everything, including hope. Really, the hero of the piece is Millicent Simmonds's Regan, who has the most of her father in her. Like I said, the kids step up. With the family split due to circumstances, the film ably cuts from one set of characters to the other to keep the suspense going, beautifully keeping two action set pieces alive without ever losing pace or tension. Felt I was watching a master class in structure and editing. If you liked the first one, there's no reason you won't like the second, even if the bloom of discovery is necessarily off the rose.

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