Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Scream 2: Scream Harder takes Sidney Prescott to college, where it's all gonna happen again. And it looks like no matter who's behind the mask, Ghostface will go down in history as the movie slasher who takes the biggest beatings. Sure, he kills a lot of people, but man does he ever take it in the nuts. While a sequel is necessarily derivative, this one provides another cool mystery (Craven is very good at presenting suspects) and the usual metatextual shenanigans (the movie of the true story of the previous movie is a highlight), with Courteney Cox becoming more sympathetic in the role of cutthroat report Gale Weathers - I think her arc is one of the things I enjoy most about the Scream movies. Craven even pulls some of the same tricks he did in the first one and still managed to surprise me with them. There are some nice, tense moments, like the claustrophobic bit in the cop car, and Gale and Dewey with the killer in the studio, plus an epic final confrontation in the drama department's theater when Sidney faces her fate. Extra points for all the recognizable faces in this, several from before they were stars, though taking their cue from the first film, some people just can't help but go over-the-top. A feature rather than a bug?

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